Being able to go fly fishing for a week straight is one of the greatest privileges in life.  Getting to travel to foreign countries to experience international trout is even better.  These are a few pictures we were able to take on our trip to South America.  The area is Patagonia, and we spent most of our time in the town of Esquel, Argentina.  The landscape is unreal.  There are multiple national parks, each with their own microclimate, making each one different.  You can be fishing a river that resembles a western Montana stream, then drive an hour to fish another in a tropical rainforest.  The best part is they all have giant trout.  These fish are difficult to catch, but grow so large due to an overflow of food and not many predators.  There are no fish eating birds in Patagonia.  The trout don’t have to worry about eagles or osprey attacking from above, so they grow big and hang out in clear, shallow water. 

Experiencing different cultures makes you a better person, and to see different ways of life and eat new delicious animals is what it’s all about.  There are so many incredible places in the world and once you get a taste you want more.  I have focused my bucket list to areas that have amazing fishing and hunting, but I know I want be able to cover it all. My advice is to bring you Pladra and try to experience as much as you can.