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City of Rocks, Idaho

August 26 2014

We jumped in the car and took a trip out to the City of Rocks in southern Idaho for a weekend of climbing.  The City is home to some of the most diverse climbing in the country and has become well known as a true world-class climbing area.  The first guide book on this area was written around 1985 and 'sport climbing' virtually didn't exist in the area.  The rock at the city is almost 100% granite and is said to be some of the oldest exposed rock on the continent, around 2.5 billion years old.  Climbers love this granite for its "huecos" or potholes which are caused by acidic rainwater seeping into the rock and flaking away layers.  Erosion still continues to this day and its likely that some of the classic routes here will become harder to send as time goes by...

The City held true to its diverse style of climbing its know for.  There's everything from multi-pitch trad routes up classic spires to over-hung sport routes.  We sent some of the classics as well as some of the recently bolted routes up on BreadLoaf rock.


Aside from the amazing climbing our trip was a mellow reminder that the world is better lived outside.  We learned that Shelby is the king of 'Bullshit' as we all packed in the back of our FJ while drinking boxed wine and Cutthroat to wait out the rain.  And that Stella, our chocolate lab, is king of the crag and can't no one bring her down :)  We had a weekend that will go down in the books and we will definitely be waiting through the winter to head back next spring.