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We grew up depending on our flannels to keep us warm and comfortable in the woods while being a wardrobe stable for everyday life. It wasn’t uncommon to wear the same shirt for days at a time, even if it contained remnants of fish blood and dirt. This dependency on a single piece of clothing evolved into an affinity for the flannel shirt. It’s only natural that the shirt we lived in brings back memories of fooling big trout and family camping trips.

As our love for the outdoors progressed and we now somewhat care about our looks, we find that the flannels of our past just aren’t good enough. We need a shirt that is durable enough to withstand all our camping trips while being stylish enough to wear the city. We find that the outdoor flannels on the market are boxy and lack a modern fit, while the fashion brand shirts don’t withstand the riggers of hunt- ing and fishing use. We decided to take matters into our own hands and modernize the timeless, American flannel shirt. Our mission is to create the highest quality, field ready flannel with a unique sense of style.