The Design of Pladra

At Pladra, we're committed to building the best shirts in the business. Below is our design ethos and how it pushes us to create new and innovative product day in and day out.

Pladra is built on the foundation of quality: quality of fit, quality of materials, and quality of construction. While we focus our efforts on an aesthetically pleasing design, our shirts are built primarily to function and perform. We understand the demands of an active garment because we depend on them for all of our own outdoor adventures.

Our designs may look traditional, but we incorporate several distinctive details that make a Pladra shirt stand out from your traditional flannel. We:

  • Strive to source the most durable, yet comfortable fabrics on the market.
  • Produce shirts that come from an original pattern that has been developed over countless prototypes.
  • Calculate shrinkage measurements in all of our patterns so that you maintain an ideal fit after washing.
  • Take the time to match up plaid lines for a clean, classic look.
  • Develop all of our own custom labels, buttons, and embroideries for an original feel. 
  • Line every shirt on the cuffs, collar, and back yoke with a nature or animal scene for personality. 
  • Deliver shirts that are all 100% cotton and completely machine-washable for easy care. 

Fabric Design

To ensure our fabrics meet our high standards, we develop our own materials from scratch. We partner with some of the greatest mills in the world to deliver quality and durable fabrics. We custom design each plaid pattern and determine every color, fabric weight, technical characteristic and fabric finish. Each step in this careful process results in materials that hold up to activity and adventure and provide personality and originality in each piece.

Purpose in Every Stitch

How a garment is constructed is the key to its longevity. We don’t take this statement lightly and take pride in building our garments using the highest quality construction techniques. This means using an interlocking, fell stitch on all our side seams and triple needle stitching at shoulder seams to increase durability. We match our plaid lines to ensure a classic look and construct a back-seam gusset to promote ease of movement. You may not notice all these details at first glance, but we take the time to build our products for the long haul.

Our Wild Side

There is something about having a wild animal on your clothing, whether it brings back memories from your childhood flannel sleeping bag, inspires your next hunting trip or hike to a camp, or just makes you smile. Whatever the reason, we add a nature scene to every one of our shirts to pay homage to nature and the classic outdoor products that came before us. You may choose not to show it, but just knowing it is there keeps you connected to the outdoors that we all love.