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Here you can find answers to any question you may have about our product and about our company.  

How can I find out about new product releases or other Pladra news?

Just sign up for our mailing list.  Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly post updates.

What makes a Pladra flannel different from other flannels ?

At Pladra, we strive to use the best quality materials out there and have continually found ways to improve our quality and construction.  We use the most premium flannel fabric we could find.  Ranging from 170 g/m2 to 200 g/m2 in weight, our fabric is durable yet has an extremely comfortable hand feel due to its dual side brushing.  We also use high quality embroidery details, custom logo buttons and labels, and we match our plaid lines for a clean and modern look.   We use triple needle stitching at critical seams, as well as a clean, reinforced finish on the inside of the shirt.   Additionally, we have all of our shirts sewn right down the street from us here in San Francisco, California, where we are based.  We definitely understand that our shirts are more expensive than shirts you can find at the mass market chains.  Just keep in mind that other brands might have cheaper shirts, but they were likely produced overseas, using cheaper fabric and cheaper labor.   Producing locally costs more, but it allows us to be hands on throughout the entire process, so that we can ensure that we deliver the best quality shirt to you.

Do you have a Facebook page? Instagram? Twitter?

We have all three- check us out here: Facebook Instagram Twitter .

What is the difference between an Elli and Leon shirt?

Feel free to check out our product design page for all of the details.  The main differences are that our Elli shirt is our midweight flannel (around 170 g/m2) with single chest pocket, and without elbow patches.  Our Leon shirt is our heavyweight flannel (around 190-200 g/m2) with two flap closure chest pockets and elbow patches

I just received my shirt but it is bigger than what I was expecting. Should I get a smaller size?

All of our shirts are made from 100% cotton, which means they will shrink when using a dryer on high heat. We took into account this fabric shrinkage when creating our patterns, making the shirts slightly larger. An unwashed Pladra may tend to fit slightly bigger and longer. When machine dried shirts on average shrink 1-2".  We have done extensive research on our sizing and our shirts fit very close to standard sizing from other brands you would see in the market.  So for example, if you normally wear a medium, we recommend getting a medium Pladra- while it may fit bigger before wash, it should fit you just right after standard laundry care.  Feel free to check out our sizing page for more details.

Are your shirts cut more slim?

We don't have a "slim fit," but we do have a more active fit pattern, giving the shirts a bit more of modern look and feel.

Do you take custom orders?

Due to the fact that we are such a small company, we don't typically accept custom orders.  But feel free to email us with all of the details and we can let you know. 

What if are sold out of a size or color that I want? When will it be restocked?

We constantly try to refresh our site with new colorways. Depending on the shirt, we may or may not restock that specific size or color.  We are such a small company that we don't refresh our stock as often as other stores you may be used to, and it takes quite a long time to produce additional shirts once we are sold out.  You can always email us and ask about a specific shirt and we can let you know.

What are the washing instructions?

We hope you are wearing your shirts outside.  They are meant to get dirty, so we made sure that we used all washable fabrics, including our cotton flannel and our washable elbow patches.  We do use 100% cotton, so your shirt will shrink.  If you like the fit as is, before wash, we recommend washing in cold water and hang drying.  If your shirt could shrink a bit, wash in warm water and tumble dry low or medium.

What is your return policy?

We hope you like your shirt, but we understand that buying clothes online can be tough.  If for whatever reason, you don't like your shirt, or you would like to exchange it for another size or colorway, you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase.  We only accept returns however, for unwashed and unworn garments.  Before you send back, please email us with the details of your return or exchange, and we will notify you of further instructions.

What is your policy on repairs?

If your shirt has a defect that is our fault, we will repair your shirt at no cost to you. Please email us with the details of your repair, and we will notify you of further instructions.

How long does it take for me to get a refund?

We will refund you your money to your credit card within 4 days of receiving the shirt.X

How much is shipping?

Our standard shipping starts at around $8/order and increases depending on where you live, and how fast you want it there.  Our shipping rates are a bit higher than using the standard post office, but we ship using Fedex, which has great tracking so that we can ensure you get your shirt on time.

I live in Europe. Can you ship to me?

Yes, we ship nearly anywhere in the world.  For international orders, please email us and we will give you a quote.

How long will it take for my shirt to arrive?

We have a 1-4 business day processing time for all orders.  We do our best to get all orders out by the day after you order, but given that we are such a small company, it may be a few days longer.  If you have an urgent request, just email us and we will do everything we can to help.