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What makes a Pladra flannel different from other flannels ?

March 29 2014

At Pladra, we strive to use the best quality materials out there and have continually found ways to improve our quality and construction.  We use the most premium flannel fabric we could find.  Ranging from 170 g/m2 to 200 g/m2 in weight, our fabric is durable yet has an extremely comfortable hand feel due to its dual side brushing.  We also use high quality embroidery details, custom logo buttons and labels, and we match our plaid lines for a clean and modern look.   We use triple needle stitching at critical seams, as well as a clean, reinforced finish on the inside of the shirt.   Additionally, we have all of our shirts sewn right down the street from us here in San Francisco, California, where we are based.  We definitely understand that our shirts are more expensive than shirts you can find at the mass market chains.  Just keep in mind that other brands might have cheaper shirts, but they were likely produced overseas, using cheaper fabric and cheaper labor.   Producing locally costs more, but it allows us to be hands on throughout the entire process, so that we can ensure that we deliver the best quality shirt to you.